Dearest Reader,

My name is Lily, I’m 21, stuck in this place between adulthood and adolescence. Writing is my kind of therapy, to express why I am angry or sad; I should write more when I am happy, this is a resolution of mine. I don’t know what I want to be when I am older, nor do I know where I want to be six months from now. I yearn for that sense of complacency, to know that I am where I am supposed to be in this universe, on this ball of dirt floating through space.

Without reading, I could not write, and so I pay tribute to DeLillo and Sylvia Plath, Bukowski and Fitzgerald. ‘A Handful of Dust’ by Evelyn Waugh was the first grownup book I ever read, and this changed my life, it changed my whole outlook. ‘It’ by Stephen King, is the longest book I have completed, and I have never experienced such immersion as that created by King’s wonderful mind. ‘Invisible’ by Paul Auster reminded me in more recent years the beauty of story telling, the power of perspective, the trust you put into each protagonist.

Life experiences too have changed the way that I write, and provide me far too many opportunities to moan about things that have gone wrong, bad decisions I have made. Hindsight is dangerous, and I am trying to remember this when feeling reflective. On the other hand, hindsight can be the basis for so many untold stories, played out on paper rather than in real three dimensions. Each time something bad happens to me, I must think of it as simply inspiration for a story I am yet to write, and not an everyday catastrophe. I think being melodramatic helps to produce interesting characters, and I am in every one of my characters, although some more than others.

I hope you find this interesting, or that reading what I write helps you in some way; writing is an incredibly self-indulgent act and I hate this aspect of it. Writing is like a conversation between individuals from different time periods or backgrounds. I believe that everything that I have read has contributed to my style of writing, and so when reading my work, take a piece of me away from it too.

I hope you find what you are looking for,